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Accessing Unibet is often troublefree with an average uptime rate of 99.52%, but like all sites, there might be times when you have trouble opening the URL or even entering the site with your own Unibet login details. The password setup process is easy with standard length requirements and extra security enforced on what you can’t use, such as name and DOB. When it comes to mobile, both app and web access is available. Both the iOS and Android apps are rated 2.5 out of 5 with updates being released to keep up with security measures.

Overall, the cause of access issues can vary, it could be a result of your internet settings or the issue may be on the end of Unibet. The aim of this review is to fill you in on the details regarding the accessibility and vulnerability of their site. We’ll be looking into whether the site has been developed using modern technology and if there are any weak points in their system. We’ll also inspect the eligibility of their gaming license, the data security when storing your Unibet login details, and other areas including the importance of using the correct SSL certificates.

Countries restricted at Unibet login:

Could not access Unibet?

If you ever come across any accessibility issues then it’s useful for you to know the main factors that revolve around this. Putting any Unibet login problems aside, there are two major factors when it comes to site access: server location and the type of SSL certificate being used.

unibet login problemsUnibet servers are based in Malta and although this will increase data speeds for the customer, it also opens up one or two issues. Firstly, there is an increased chance of a DDOS attack when a business creates its own data centre. Secondly, any internet issues on Malta will directly affect all access to and from their servers on the island.

The Unibet SSL certificate is issued by Trustwave Holdings and has been set up across all domains and sub-domains connected to the site, the license costs the company about $499.99 a year. It also uses SHA-256/RSA encryption which is the standard for all betting sites.

If you ever run into any difficulties with site access or your Unibet login details are not working, you can always contact their Malta-based customer support team via the options below, bear in mind that their average response time on these matters is just over 7 hours:

Unibet is up and running!

Our review aims to highlight the main causes of your login issues when accessing the Unibet site.

Up or Down

Unibet has an average uptime rate of 99.52% and the site has experienced several periods of downtime before, ranging from just a few minutes to over 20 hours. The uptime rate is around standard for online betting sites, but the extended periods of 20+ hours downtime is a concern. This has little to do with basic Unibet login issues, and more likely to be based around the old technology in use across the site.

Unibet customers can experience an average opening time of 0.5262 seconds when loading the site. Due to the old technology in use within their 9MB-heavy frontend, therefore any customers with slow internet access will notice the extended loading time of the homepage. Keep this mind if you’re thinking that perhaps your Unibet login details are not working, it might just be down to this long loading time. We also noticed that jquery and native js language were still in use throughout the site, as well as websocket and HTTP query data transport structures, and using this old technology brings with it a high risk of errors and the potential for outside attacks.

Countries where Unibet is licensed

The parental company, Kindred Group, is based out of south-west London. They operate Unibet with a dual license via both the UK and Gibraltar Gambling Commissions. This means that using your Unibet login details will give you access to various betting platforms that fall under the site such as poker, casino, and sports betting. Each of the active licenses from both UK and Gibraltar allows Unibet to promote the following gambling activities; general betting, remote, pool betting, casino, bingo, standard – real event, and general betting (standard – virtual events).

The UK license gives all UK-based customers the chance to register and use the betting services provided in their own country. The company’s Gibraltar license allows customers from around Europe and beyond to access the services, however, you should check that your own country is not restricted as this could be the reason behind any Unibet login problems. As of the present day, there have been no sanctions recorded in relation to the betting services provided by Unibet. Kindred Group’s most notable acquisitions have been the takeover of Stan James Online and Australia-based Betchoice.


UK Gambling License
MGA Gambling License
Gibraltar Gambling License

VPN Usage: Legal or Not?

Unfortunately, Unibet does not allow punters to use a VPN service when accessing their website. This is mainly to stop players from restricted countries from joining up and placing bets. If you do decide to use a VPN service, please be aware that you do so at your own risk. While it’s unlikely that you’d ever be caught out, there are absolutely no guarantees, and you do risk your account being banned should they find out that you are using a VPN to access the Unibet login screen.

Using a Paid VPN vs a Free VPN

If you’ve decided to go ahead and use a VPN, then you’ll want to make sure that you’re using a service that delivers an optimal experience. Below, we’re going to be taking a look at some of the world’s best-known VPNs. This will include a review of two paid services, and one free service.

Unibet password recovery procedure

If your Unibet login information isn’t working, then you’ll need to start off by trying a password reset. To do this, simply head to the main Unibet login screen and press the reset password button. You will then be prompted to input a couple of details about your account, and they will then send you a recovery email within 5 minutes. You just need to click the link in this email, and your Unibet login information will be automatically reset.

How to claim Unibet Welcome Offer

Unibet offer all new customers a very generous £40 Money Back on First Bet + £10 Casino Bonus. If you’d like to claim this offer, then you can find out all about it from the main Unibet login screen. From here, you’ll also be able to read through the bookie’s bonus terms and conditions. We would highly recommend you do this, so that you don’t end up accidentally breaking one of the terms. Below, we show you exactly how to claim Unibet’s main welcome bonus offer.

Step 1

Head to the main Unibet login screen and complete the short account-creation process

unibet registration

Step 2

Make a deposit and place an initial bet of minimum £1 with odds 2/5 (1.40) or greater. Your £10 casino bonus will be credited next day automatically

unibet football markets

Step 3

If your bet loses, you will receive your stake back up to a maximum of £40

unibet sports & racing offers

Other login problems

Generally speaking, Unibet’s website is really easy-to-use – and it’s built in such a way that problems are pretty rare. That being said, if you do run into any problems it’s worth pointing out that the bookie have a fantastic customer support team on-hand – and we’ll look at the details of contacting this team in the section immediately below.

Getting money back if your account’s been blocked

If your Unibet login information isn’t working (and you’ve already tried to rest your password), then contact the customer support team immediately. They will be able to help you out, and they should hopefully ensure that any monies remaining in your online betting account are transferred back to your chosen payment method.

Can you play at Unibet with multiple accounts?

No. Unibet are very clear on this – they even lay it out directly within their terms and conditions. Players are not allowed to own multiple accounts with Unibet. In fact, if they catch you using two accounts, both of them may be banned with no warning, and any monies located within these accounts could be subject to be voided. We would strongly advise against opening a secondary account with Unibet unless you’ve contacted the bookmaker well in advance of doing so.

How to unblock a blocked account

If you try to access your account (using the right Unibet login information) and find that you’re unable to login, the first step of action is to try the password reset facility. This will hopefully allow you to reset your password and subsequently unblock your account. If this doesn’t work, then you will need to contact a member of the bookie’s customer support team.

Contacting customer support

unibet help centerUnibet’s customer support team work 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – and this means that you’ll find yourself able to contact a member of staff no matter what time you experience an issue. The easiest way of contacting them is to use the live chat facility. This will connect you with an operator in just a couple of minutes. Alternatively, you can also contact the site’s team through phone and email – although we’d always recommend live chat, as it’s the fastest way of getting in touch.

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