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They are using rather outdated software for the JS Library
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Ladbrokes is among the world’s biggest sports betting platforms, and their website is cutting edge - it boasts an uptime of 99.42%. This ensures a smooth, hassle-free betting experience for the vast majority of punters. The main Ladbrokes login screen is no-fuss and easy-to-navigate. All of this certainly allows a straightforward and simple process of creating an account via the Ladbrokes login screen. There’s also a dedicated Ladbrokes app. This can be downloaded by most iOS and Android players, and allows you to enjoy betting from your mobile device.

Regardless of whether you create an account via the desktop website or from Ladbrokes mobile, your password will need to contain between 8-20 characters. This can include upper and lowercase symbols, and it must contain at least one number. Special symbols and characters are not allowed, however. While the website isn’t quite as modern as it could be, getting around is easy, and the site is very reliable. Currently, Ladbrokes operate under online gambling licenses from the UK’s Gambling Commission and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. No serious security issues have been detected by our team so far. To add to it, they use a secure SSL certificate from DigiCert Inc.

Countries restricted at Ladbrokes login:

Could not access Ladbrokes?

Ladbrokes’ website is generally decent, and it’s very rare that anything major will go wrong.

Their sportsbook operates a UK-based direct server, however, they don’t use Cloudflare protection that ensures the prevention of DDoS attacks.

Ladbrokes login problemsLadbrokes holds a wildcard SSL certificate which applies to their main and subdomains. Their login screen indicates that the SSL certificate was issued by the DigiCert Inc company. It uses the SHA-256/RSA encryption algorithm which is one of the world’s most secure. We estimate that it costs Ladbrokes around $688 per year for the SSL certificate – this paid service is not a requirement, and shows that the bookie really is committed to player security.

While major outages at Ladbrokes are rare, if their website does go down, they will update their Social Media channels. As per the inquiry solving cases, it’s rare to encounter problems at Ladbrokes’ website or your Ladbrokes login screen, they do have a dedicated customer support team. They can be reached from the Ladbrokes app as well as via live chat. In fact, the Ladbrokes app also has a ‘quick call’ feature that lets you call them directly from your phone. Their contact details are shown below:

Ladbrokes have a UK-based customer support team, and they’re available from their desktop website along with through the Ladbrokes app. When we submitted a critical inquiry, we did not receive a reply from Ladbrokes.

Ladbrokes is up and running!

Monitor the status of Ladbrokes and find out what might have caused Ladbrokes login problems

Up or Down

Ladbrokes maintains a very impressive uptime – and it averages 99.42%. Their downtime periods are usually pretty quick, and the only major one in the last year or so was on the 11th of September when the site was down and users couldn’t manage to access the Ladbrokes login page for approximately 1hr 40 minutes. Most recently, the site was down in March on the 18th, for just 25 minutes.

Both the Ladbrokes website and the Ladbrokes app have an open time of 0.3494 seconds – much faster than most bookie’s sites. This is to provide a smooth betting experience without any need to wait around for long to begin actually placing bets.

Ladbrokes betting site uses some of the most versatile security measures we’ve seen – and, for example, their main frontend website uses Knockout – they currently have a 2.9mb bundle. Data is transported around the site using HTTP Queries, and a websocket is used as well to ensure a smooth and uninterrupted experience.

However, when it comes to their JS Library, Ladbrokes are using slightly outdated software. This could lead to some problems in the future, and could be one of the reasons why the Ladbrokes mobile site tends to go down more frequently than its desktop counterpart. They also don’t use Cloudflare protection, which could leave the site vulnerable to DDOS attacks.

Countries where Ladbrokes is licensed

Ladbrokes is owned by GVC Holdings PLC – formerly known as Ladbrokes Coral. The company is one of the biggest in the online gambling industry, and the Ladbrokes betting website is one of their most lucrative ventures.

The Ladbrokes login screen is available to players in a number of countries due to the fact that the bookie holds online gambling licenses with the UKGC and the Gibraltar Gambling Commission. In addition to their sportsbook, Ladbrokes are also licensed to provide other forms of online gambling – this includes casino gaming, poker, bingo, and instant win games.

Recently, Ladbrokes has been fined by the UKGC. This was due to failures in their responsible gambling tools. Ladbrokes have announced they’ve taken the UKGC’s comments on board and will be ‘tightening up’ their responsible gambling measures in the future.

If you’d like to check whether you can play at the site, you simply need to head to the main Ladbrokes login screen. This can be done on the Ladbrokes mobile site, from the desktop site or through the Ladbrokes app. You will then see whether you’re able to register an account or not.


UK Gambling License
Gibraltar Gambling License

VPN Usage: Legal or Not?

Ladbrokes state within their rules that you should not attempt to use or access its services from a country that’s not listed in the ‘allowed countries’ section above. It may be tempting to try to use a VPN in order to enter your Ladbrokes login information and access the website – but you should be wary of doing so, as you may be breaching their terms and conditions if you choose to bet using one.

Using a Paid VPN vs a Free VPN

If you do choose to use a VPN while betting at Ladbrokes, then you should be aware that there are, today, more options than ever before. There’s also quite a big debate as to whether or not to choose a free, or a paid VPN. Below, we look at a few of the most common VPN services you’ll come across. This will show you both free and paid products for you to consider trying.

Ladbrokes password recovery procedure

Ladbrokes login details recoveryIt’s super simple to reset your password at Ladbrokes, and you’ll find yourself able to do so in just a couple of minutes. If you’ve forgotten your password, first of all, you’ll want to first, head to the main Ladbrokes login screen. You will then need to press the ‘Reset Password’ button, and after that now, you will be directed to a reset password form.

On this form, you’ll need to enter your username, email and date of birth. A temporary password will then be sent directly to your mobile number via an SMS. If you cannot remember you Ladbrokes username, you will have to contact the bookmaker’s customer support team directly.

How to claim Free Bet at Ladbrokes

Ladbrokes offers a super competitive free bet bonus – and this is available to virtually all new customers and players. You can view more information from the main Ladbrokes login screen. In short, the offer allows you to claim a free bet worth up to £50 – and you can find out how to claim it below.

Step 1

Head to the main Ladbrokes login page and complete the short sign-up process

Ladbrokes registration

Step 2

Place a deposit of £10 or more

Ladbrokes in-play betting

Step 3

Place a bet, and once that bet has been settled, a free bet (of the same value) will be credited to your account automatically

Ladbrokes new customer offer

Other Ladbrokes login problems

As you’ll see from the moment you land on the main Ladbrokes login screen, their website is incredibly user-friendly, easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate. They’ve invested millions of pounds into developing their site, and this ensures that things rarely go wrong. If you do run into any issues, then the sections below should help you resolve them relatively quickly.

Getting money back if your account’s been blocked

While it’s highly unlikely that you’ll encounter any problems while betting with Ladbrokes, if you do find that your account has been blocked, your first ‘point of call’ so to speak should be the customer care team. If, after that, you’re still struggling to get paid your winnings, you can make a complaint to their independent adjudicator.

Can you play with multiple accounts?

No. Ladbrokes state specifically – in their terms and conditions page – that you are not able to have duplicate accounts. If you are found to be using multiple accounts, you risk having them both closed, and any winnings associated with these accounts may become nullified and void. However, in certain scenarios the bookie will allow you to hold multiple accounts. For example, if you opened your account in Euros and now want to play in Pounds, they may allow you to open a secondary account. This is decided on a case-by-case basis, however.

How to unblock a blocked account

If your Ladbrokes account is locked (and this means that you’ve tried to login from the main Ladbrokes login screen but are unable to do so) then you’ll need to contact the bookie’s customer support team. They state that you cannot request an account unlock by email – so you’ll need to either speak to them on live chat, give them a call – and, alternatively, you can also speak to the team on Twitter. Their Twitter handle is: Ladbrokes Care.

Contacting Ladbrokes customer support

Ladbrokes customer supportLadbrokes realize that any world-leading bookie in today’s competitive world must offer a substantial customer support facility. This is why they’ve hired a trained team of customer support agents to work around the clock, and you’ll find them available to answer your questions and help you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

You can contact the customer support team in a number of ways, including by live chat, email and/or phone. They also offer support via Twitter and Facebook, although due to Data Protection they may require you to verify your identity using your email account.

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