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A secure website overall with room for performance improvements
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Accessing the Coral site is often trouble-free with a near-perfect average uptime rate of 99.88%, but like all sites, you might come across times when you have difficulty opening the site URL or accessing the site with your own Coral login details. The reasons behind your access issues can point to various sections of the site and how it has been setup. For example, the password process is complex enough with special characters available and ensures a reasonable amount of security. In regards to Coral mobile, both Coral betting app and web browser access is open to users. The Android and iOS apps are both rated 3.5 out of 5 with frequent updates and fixes being made, which shows the CoralDev team are keeping on top of these important sections of the online business.

It’s our aim in this review to provide you with the details regarding the vulnerability and accessibility of the Coral online site as well as Coral login page. We’ll be investigating the technologies used in the structure of the site to see if there are any weak points that might cause future access problems. We’ll also examine their gaming licenses, data safety when storing your login details, and other important measures including whether or not the correct SSL certificates are in place.

Countries restricted at Coral login:

Could not access Coral?

You shouldn’t come across too many issues when accessing the site but it’s useful to understand the reasons why the page might not be loading or why your Coral login details are not getting you into the site.

Coral wrong login credentialsThe Coral servers are based in France and Estonia and although this does offer some positives in opening up data connection speeds, the servers themselves are not protected by Cloudflare and this creates the potential for site loading issues and malicious DDoS attacks.

The SSL certificate is issued by DigiCert and has been set up as a wildcard type for all sub-domains, the license costs the business around $688 a year. We can also see that it uses the recommended SHA-256/RSA encryption which is the approved standard for all online betting sites and helps to keep your Coral login details secure.

If you ever need help when trying to access the site on either desktop or Coral mobile, or you want to query anything in your Coral My Account section, you can reach the customer support team on any of the methods below. Remember, keep in mind that their average response time on critical matters is just over 2 hours:

Phone Email
Online Support: 0800 44 0011
Shop Customer Care: 0800 169 0299
Coral is up and running!

Our review aims to provide you with professional solutions that will help to solve your access problems at the Coral site

Up or Down

We don’t have the information or data to analyse when and for how long the Coral online site has experienced downtime, but the 99.88% uptime rate indicates that the site is performing well and users are able to connect to their Coral My Account without much trouble. Looking at the frontend of the site, we can see Angular JS technology in use which is a good coding library for frontend development. However, the 10MB file is far too large and this is going to hinder any users running on slow internet connections. It’s clear that they need to work on reducing this in size to cater for everyone, especially for those using the Coral mobile services as anyone with an old smartphone or device will notice the lack in speed with this unusually large file size.

Coral customers experience an average opening time of 0.35 seconds when loading the site and although this looks respectable, that Angular JS file size is going to affect the opening speed for some users. Keep this in mind if it seems like your Coral login details are not working, that decent file size might be the root of the problem and a little patience is all you need. We also found that both the websocket and HTTP query data transport methods were in use. This is a step in the right direction but those HTTP queries will always pose a threat during busy periods, especially when hundreds of users are trying to access the site with their Coral login details at the same time.

Countries where Coral is licensed

The parental company is GVC Holdings and they operate the Coral headquarters out of London. The site runs with a dual license from the Gibraltar and UK Gambling Commissions. Using your Coral login details entitles you to use the various betting services at the site; Betting Intermediary, Bingo, Casino, General Betting Standard – Real Event, General betting (standard) (virtual events), Pool betting.

We can find no sanctions in place against the Coral online brand and this is obviously down to the strict management and business rules set in place. The UK and Gibraltar licenses allow users from the UK, Ireland and further abroad to use the betting services at the site, including all of the Coral mobile betting services as well. It doesn’t mean that you won’t experience access issues though, there are restricted countries in the terms and conditions of the site. So before you blame the Coral login or register page, it’s best to check the terms and conditions section of the site to see the rules regarding your country. You can also contact the relevant support team via the Coral My Account messaging system if you need to send any documents to prove your address or location.


UK Gambling License
Gibraltar Gambling License

VPN Usage: Legal or Not?

Unfortunately, Coral do not allow you to access their website using a VPN. While it may be tempting to login using one, you should generally avoid doing so. If Coral catch you using a VPN, you risk your account being closed. Any winnings could subsequently be voided too.

Using a Paid VPN vs a Free VPN

If you do decide to use a VPN to access the Coral login screen, then you should be aware of which service or site to use. Today, there are more VPNs out there than ever before, and choosing the right one can be tough. That’s why, in the section below, we’re compiled a list of some of the best free and paid VPN services.

Coral password recovery procedure

Coral password resetIf you’ve forgotten your Coral login details then you’ll be pleased to learn that their reset password process is very easy-to-use and fast. To get started, you need to head to the main Coral login screen and press the reset password link. To reset it, you’ll need your registered email address, your username and your date of birth. Once you’ve filled in the required details, simply press the ‘reset password’ button, and a link will be sent directly to your email inbox.

According to information on the main Coral login screen, it can take up to five minutes for this email to arrive. You may also want to check your SPAM or JUNK inboxes just in case it ends up there.

How to claim Coral Free Bet

Coral’s main welcome bonus is quite famous in the online gambling world – and it’s fair to say that it’s widely regarded a being up there as incredibly generous. Their welcome bonus offer is known as ‘Bet £5 Get £20’, and as the name suggests, you simply need to make a deposit of £5 or more, place a bet – and you will then receive 4X £5 bets to use as you like. Find out information about claiming the bonus below.

Step 1

Head to the main Coral login screen and create a free account

Coral new account registration

Step 2

Place a deposit of £5 or more and place a bet

Coral single bet

Step 3

Within 24 hours of your bet being settled, your account will be credited with four different £5 bets for you to use

Coral bet 5 get 20 offer

Other Coral login problems

As you’ll see immediately after your login to Coral, their homepage easy to understand and brings great user experience. Coral annually invests thousands of pounds into developing their site, and this ensures that things always go great. If you do run into any issues, then the sections below should help you resolve them relatively quickly.

Getting money back if your Coral account’s been blocked

Thankfully, issues regarding getting money out of a blocked Coral account are rare. The bookie are widely regarded as being fair, honest and responsive – and you shouldn’t worry about losing any cash. However, if you do find yourself unable to get your hands on your money, then you can make an official complaint to Coral in the first instance.

Can you play with multiple accounts?

No. As per Coral’s terms and conditions, users are only able to have one active account at any one time. According to their terms page, users who are using multiple accounts risk having their account(s) banned – and any winnings/monies within those account risk being forfeited. If you feel as though you may have held an account with Coral in the past, just contact the customer support team. They’ll be able to let you know if you have or not.

How to unblock a blocked account

If you find that your account is blocked (and we’re going to assume that you’ve tried logging in with the correct Coral login details), then you should contact the bookie’s customer support team in the first instance. They’ll be able to explain why your account is blocked – and also help you out with unblocking it. They’re very responsive, so if you decide to give them a ring or speak with them via live chat, you should have an answer within a few minutes.

How to contact customer support

Coral take their punters extremely seriously, and that’s one of the reasons why you’ll find a dedicated customer support team – working round-the-clock – to help you out, should you need it. You can contact the support team 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. No matter what kind of problem you might be experiencing whether it is connected with Coral login or the game lagging, and they can be reached by live chat, email, phone, and – in some scenarios – social media.

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