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The Boylesports website offers a steady uptime rate of 98.99%, and this allows its users to experience a smooth betting journey from the Boylesports login screen through to the lobby. Due to the lack of data, we can’t say for sure how long the downtime periods last for and why they happened. However, by looking at the site and the overall system we can see that there is a lot of room for improvement. It’s our aim to show you that it’s not always the customer at the root of site access problems. The simple password process is something that instantly stands out and requires something a lot more complex in this day and age.

The 10-minute average customer service response time is a positive to take from the Boylesports site and means that you should find a solution to your problems quickly. The mobile apps also command respect in the app stores with high ratings and regular updates. We’ll also be looking into where your Boylesports login and personal data is stored, how they set up their servers, and how the management team cope with the legalities of operating an online betting business.

Countries restricted at Boylesports login:

Could not access Boylesports?

Common problems that are related to site access can often point towards internet connection, country restrictions, and also your Boylesports login details. It’s important to know that it can also be something more technical than this and completely out of your hands. Server setup and SSL certificates are two areas that can affect the overall performance of a site and we’ll look at these two factors now.

Boylesports login errorThe servers at Boylesports are protected by Cloudflare and this does give the site some overall protection from outside data attacks. The only downside to using Cloudflare is that when the software runs into problems, the problems are passed onto the site and this does happen quite frequently.

The Boylesports SSL certificate is a wildcard type for all subdomains, however, it only defines domain verification. The certificate is issued by Inc and comes at a cost of $269.80 per year, it also uses the security-enhanced SHA-256/RSA encryption technology.

The Irish-based customer helpdesk is on hand if you are looking for specialist advice. The team will let you know if you need to reset your Boylesports login details or if it’s something more technical. The response time is one of the quickest we’ve seen with an average of 10 minutes which is definitely one of the highlights of the site:

Boylesports is up and running!

Monitor the status of Boylesports and find out what might have caused Boylesports login problems

Up or Down

The Boylesports site enjoys an average uptime rate of 98.99% but there is no data in relation to the downtime. However, we can see that the old technology used in both the frontend and backend would be the first areas to blame for any website issues and downtime. The frontend is full of js query and native js coding and this instantly exposes the site to many potential errors. The backend is based on ASP.Net and again this opens the site up to a long list of potential problems that are mostly based around outside data attacks. This is a cause for concern when there is a lot of personal information being stored such as banking and Boylesports login details.

The data transport is handled only via the older HTTP query language and this creates a very slow experience for the user, especially when multiple Boylesports login attempts are being made during busy periods. The overall upshot of the Boylesports site is that it needs a big overhaul and the current setup has the potential to create various issues when it comes to site access and performance.

Countries where Boylesports is licensed

The Boylesports brand is privately owned and fully licensed through the Gibraltar gambling commission. The site is licensed to promote the following betting activities across Ireland, the UK, and various countries in Europe and beyond; Remote, Betting Intermediary, Casino, General Betting Standard – Real Event, General betting (standard) (virtual events), and Pool betting. This means that customers with Boylesports login details are free to enjoy the various betting platforms on the companies website from casino and sportsbook to bingo and poker.

The headquarters are based out of Dundalk, Ireland. We can also see that there have been no sanctions recorded against the Boylesports brand so far. All the right licenses and regulations are in place and this shows that the management team are running the betting operation in the correct manner. However, the website and the way they have their framework setup needs some serious improvements. All of the technology in use is dated and open to errors and they’ll need to update sooner or later. All of this goes to show that you simply can’t prepare yourself for every Boylesports login and access problem on the site. The reason being is that sometimes it’s simply out of your hands.


UK Gambling License
Gibraltar Gambling License
irish license

VPN Usage: Legal or Not?

Betting via VPN access is a complicated subject and one that needs a little explanation to fully understand. In essence, a VPN can ‘virtually’ place you in another country. This is especially useful if you want to access things like the Boylesports football betting market, for example, when you are on holiday abroad. The important factor to be concerned about is whether or not it is legal to place sports bets in the country you are in, at that point in time. Other issues may revolve around the company you’re using not allowing bets outside of your home country, or they might even be banned from certain countries altogether. Different sites have different rules and that’s what makes it all the more confusing.

Technically speaking, using a VPN will trick your sportsbook provider into thinking that you are still in your home country, or at least in a country where they accept bets. Therefore, you will be able to easily enter your Boylesports login details without any obstacles at all. However, and this is the deal-breaker, you still might be breaking the law in the country you are accessing the site from. As you can see, VPN and legal betting is an area that depends on many factors that centre around the country you are physically in. If you’re in doubt then it’s always better to use a site that offers legal sports betting in the country that you plan to visit, or just wait until you get home!

Paid VPN vs Free VPN

The argument over whether to pay for your VPN service or not depends on the amount of time that you intend to spend on the internet. If you’re only looking to get access to Boylesports login page and place a couple of bets while you are away on holiday then a free service will work just fine. If you’re working abroad or even planning to travel or stay out of your home country for an extended period of time, then paying for the full VPN package is certainly going to be worthwhile in the long run.

As with all free and paid-for packages, the free option is always a limited version and you’ll hit the ceiling in terms of data allowance and connection speeds sooner or later. So if you want that reassurance of unlimited data then looking into a paid VPN service is a must. These days you can find some excellent deals on weekly, monthly, and annual data plans if you take the time to look around. We’ve got three VPN recommendations for you below:

Boylesports password recovery procedure

We all forget our passwords from time to time and it’s no wonder with so many different login details that we need to remember nowadays. Thankfully, Boylesports offer a quick and easy process if you need to reset your password and Boylesports login details. The ‘Forgot details’ link sits just under the login box on the homepage and clicking this will take you to the ‘Retrieve Your Password’ form.

boylesports retrieve your accountSimply enter your username or email address followed by your date of birth and click ‘Next’. The Boylesports login customer support team will then send you an email containing a link to reset your password. Once reset, you’ll then be able to log in as you normally would with your regular username or email address and newly created password.

How to find or claim Boylesports Bonus

Boylesports are offering a £25 free bet bundle to all new customers who sign up to their site. The bundle is split into 5 x £5 bets and it requires a minimum £10 bet with at least 1.50 odds, either on the Boylesports football markets or any other sports that you prefer, before you can get your hands on the first £5 free bet. You’ll also need to place 12 more additional qualifying bets to receive the four remaining £5 free bets. As an extra incentive, the Boyle bookmaker is offering a special horse racing offer where they will refund your bet if your horse comes 2nd to the SP favourite, up to a maximum of £20 (opt-in required).

Step 1

Sign up to Boylesports and make your deposit of at least £10

boylesports open account

Step 2

Place a £10 sports bet at 1.50 or more to claim your first free £5 free bet

boylesports free bet

Step 3

You bonus bundle will be credited once you satisfy the remaining qualifying bets (an average of £30 in qualifying bets is required to claim each of the four £5 free bets)

boylesports promotions

Other Boylesports login problems

Account access issues can sometimes be a little more complicated than just resetting your Boylesports login details. In these cases, you need to be able to contact someone who can assist you in getting your account back into working order. Boylesports has got all the support bases covered and you’ll find various ways of getting the help you need quickly and efficiently.

Getting money back if your account’s been blocked

If your account has been blocked for one reason or another, for example, too many failed login attempts or suspicious betting behaviour, then your money will be held by the Boylesports login and fraud team until the issue has been resolved. If your account has been cleared of all suspicious activity then you’ll be free to access your money to continue betting or make a withdrawal. However, if you’ve been found guilty of breaking the companies T&Cs then any bonus money is likely to be removed from your account. Your remaining money will then be available under the discretion of the management and customer support team.

Multiple accounts at Boylesports

Multiple accounts are prohibited under the Boyle sports T&Cs and any players suspected of using or trying to open multiple accounts will undergo private investigation. During this time, all connected accounts in relation to that player will be locked until the fraud team carry out and complete the appropriate checks.

How to unblock a blocked account

If you fail to log in three times in a row then your account will be automatically locked. If this happens, you’ll need to contact the Boylesports login support team via any of the methods mentioned above to reset your login attempts back to zero. You can then either try to log in again or reset your password.

How to contact customer support

Contacting the Boylesports login support team couldn’t be easier with several routes to choose from including the standard options of live chat, email, and phone support. You can even contact them via their Boylesports Twitter account, and it’s also worth checking out the integrated ‘Zen Desk’ feature on the site which is full of useful help articles.

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