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4.2 stars Great
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An overall decent bookie that yet faces some JS problems
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Despite being one of the biggest online gambling companies on the planet, the Betfair website’s average uptime is not on the top with just 98.91%, which is slightly lower than most sites we look at. Such uptime, however, should still be able to provide players with hassle-free betting. This is proved by the fact that over the past year there hasn’t been any major downtime with 2h 05 minutes as the longest one happened last November. The website is accessible on mobile devices via both web and app versions, which boast overall good ratings of 4.2 for Android and 4.7 for IOS.

You can set up your Betfair login from the main Betfair log in screen on the website or do it through the Betfair app - both are simple and hassle-free. Setting up a new Betfair login is also simple and straightforward. Betfair requires your password to have a minimum of 8 characters, and this password must include at least 1 letter and 1 number. Such symbols as +-,\(... can be used. To add more to their site’s security, Betfair uses an SSL certificate from HydrantID but still faces some security problems as described below.

Countries restricted at Betfair login:

Could not access Betfair?

Now, while it’s rare for Betfair’s website to go down, things can go wrong. Their server is located directly in the UK and uses the IP address What does that mean for us? Well, while providing a somewhat faster connection for its users, thus letting the UK players to load the Betfair login blank screen faster, there is also a higher risk of DDOS attacks.

Betfair login details problemTheir SSL certificate covers a total of 17 domains, and it’s provided by a company called HydrantID. It uses the SHA-256/RSA encryption method to ensure a secure and reliable experience at all times. We estimate that Betfair’s SSL certificate costs about $330 per year. This is not going out of the industry-standard frameworks and provides an adequate security level.

While it’s quite unlikely that you’ll run into any major problems at Bet Fair, they do have a responsive customer support team around to help you out should you face any Betfair login issues for instance. Note that the Betfair UK team has different contact details compared to the international site. However, the only email address we managed to find is being used for KYC (Know Your Customer) specific issues only. Meaning that if you run into a critical issue, you will need to contact them either via live chat or phone.

Betfair is up and running!

Monitor the status of Betfair and find out what might have caused Betfair login problems

Up or Down

With an uptime average of 98.91%, it’s still pretty rare for any major issues to happen with Betfair’s website. Nevertheless, Bet Fair shows short but frequent downtimes – although the only significant ones we’ve seen in the last year occurred in April and November when the site was down for 2h 45 minutes and 2h 05 minutes respectively. It certainly appeared to be a problem for those users who aimed to go on the Bet Fair login page. Loading speeds are generally fast, with the average open website time just 0.3487 seconds, which is quite good for a platform that uses HTTP queries to receive data.

When it comes to Betfair’s website and data security especially when a player enters the Betfair login details, everything is not that great. We found a potential error in their javascript build application. They use a localhost socket which connects to its production servers. In some cases, this might be critical. Betfair also has its own JS module on the frontend, and this is not recommended in 2019. This can prevent the website from loading at virtually any time. Betfair also uses HTTP requests. This can slow traffic down, leading directly to longer loading times for players.

The Betfair UK website and the international site use these frameworks, though your Betfair log in process should not be compromised.

Countries where Betfair is licensed

Betfair is owned and operated by PBB Counterparty Services Limited – a global online gambling brand that runs a number of sites. Betfair UK has a license from the UK Gambling Commission, allowing them to operate freely all over this country, and the international site holds a license with the Maltese Gaming Authority for the rest of Europe. To check whether the sportsbook is available in your country you can have a read of Betfair’s terms and conditions. This outlines the restricted territories. It is worth mentioning that there were no sanctions registered so far by both regulators, so players shouldn’t worry about Betfair breaching their own Term and Conditions.

In addition to their online sportsbook, Betfair also offers a selection of other online gambling products. This includes, for example, a betting exchange – one of the biggest on the planet – an online casino, and even a live dealer casino – all that becomes available right after the Betfair login procedure is completed. You can find these other products from the main Bet Fair navigation menu.


UK Gambling License
MGA Gambling License

VPN Usage: Legal or Not?

You should always try to avoid using a VPN at online gambling websites. While Betfair are perhaps more liberal then some other betting websites, if they do catch you using a VPN to access their website, you not only risk your account being shut down – but you also risk losing any winnings, if they deem they you placed bets from jurisdictions where you shouldn’t be playing from.

If you can avoid it, you should always access the Betfair login screen without using a VPN service.

Using a Paid VPN vs a Free VPN

If you’ve made the decision to use a VPN service, then you may have questions about which the best ones are to use. In the section below, we’re going to be taking a comprehensive look at three of the best VPN providers which you’ll currently be able to use. This will include two premium (paid) VPNs, along with one free service.

Betfair password recovery procedure

Betfair password recoveryIf you forget your Betfair login details, then you’ll be happy to know that it’s a very simple, hassle-free and simple task to go about resetting your password. To begin with, you’ll want to head to the main Betfair login screen. From here, you’ll need to press the ‘Forgot Password’ button. After clicking on this, you’ll be taken to a new screen, where you’ll be prompted to enter your username and email address.

Within a few minutes, a password reset link will be sent to your registered email address, and you’ll need to click this link within 10 minutes of receiving the email. You will then be taken to the Betfair website, where you’ll be able to choose new Betfair login information.

How to claim Betfair Free Bet

When you join Betfair, you’ll be eligible to claim up to £100 in free, bonus bets. You can read all about it from the main Betfair login screen – but we’re going to give you a quick rundown of what the offer entails here, too.

Basically, you receive £20 worth of free bets for every 5 x £10 bets you place. This allows you to claim a maximum of £100 in free bet bonuses, and we think that it’s fair to say that it’s one of the most generous welcome bonus offers we’ve seen offered at an online sportsbook in a while. Check out the steps below to learn about claiming this bonus offer.

Step 1

Head to the main Betfair login screen and complete the account sign-up process using promo code ZBBC01

Betfair sign-up using promo code

Step 2

Choose how much you want to deposit and place your initial bets

Betfair online betting

Step 3

Shortly after placing your bets, you will receive £20 in free bets for every 5 x £10 bet you placed

Betfair UK & ROI welcome offer

Other login problems

Betfair’s website is very user-friendly, easy-to-use and easy-to-navigate – and it’s pretty rare for punters to experience any issuing while using the site. Below, we cover some of the most common problems some players experience.

Getting money back if your account’s been blocked

If your Betfair login details aren’t working and you want to get your money back, then you should start off by contacting the bookie’s customer support team. They should be able to help you out with why the account is blocked. If they’re unable to help unlock it, they should also be able to provide you with information on how you can withdraw any money that’s in your account.

Can you play with multiple accounts?

No. Betfair enforce this policy very rigorously. If they catch players actively using more than one account, they are very likely to ban all associated accounts. This will also likely mean that they void any winnings that are found in the accounts. You should never use more than one account at Betfair unless you receive express permission beforehand.

How to unblock a Betfair blocked account

Most Betfair account blocks occur because a punter tries to login too many times. When this happens, the account is locked automatically for security purposes. If you find that your account is blocked, then you should follow the lost password procedure shown earlier on this page. This should unblock your account in the vast majority of cases.

Betfair customer support

Betfair have one of the best customer support teams in the industry – and they’re available to contact 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach them by live chat, email and phone, and they’ll be happy to help you out with both complicated and simple queries, such as entering your Betfair login details incorrectly.

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4.7 stars Great
Patrick Jackson
Outdated technologies that just don’t fit the company’s reputation
Not available in DE

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