About Freebet Login

When punters register on a bookmaker, the expectation is to have a great betting and playing experience. However, the experience they end up with varies from one bookmaker to another. Great experience in the betting industry is determined by several factors including:

  • The quality of betting odds users get
  • The accessibility and efficiency of bookmaker website
  • The quality of bonus offers users get
  • Efficiency of the payment system

Out of all these factors, our focus is one – accessibility and efficiency of bookmaker sites. Our thinking is that if punters cannot access an online casino due to slow speeds, compromised technology or login challenges – all the other factors won’t matter.

Our services are designed to address this issue in two ways:

  • We test and review bookmaker technological performance
  • We address bookmaker login problems

Reviewing Bookmaker Technological Performance

We test bookmakers to determine how well they perform, the technologies that power them and how secure those technologies are. We run these tests through a detailed criteria that features the following parameters:

  • Average uptime of a bookmaker site
  • Latest downtime detected
  • Average loading time
  • Technological review i.e. frontend, backend and data transfer technology
  • Password complexity
  • Server location
  • SSL certificate and security level
  • Contact details and average response time to customer issues
  • Technology powering mobile bookmaker versions

Bookmaker Login Problems

Login problems are common among online casino users. We cover all possible login issues and help you find ways to avoid them in future. Some of the login problems we help our customers address include:

  • Restrictions to bookmaker access
  • Loss of password or username
  • Account suspension or blockage
  • Downtime on bookmaker site

Reach out to us and let us help you with all your bookmaker login problems

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